Grey Interiors…Design That Goes Way Beyond a Trend


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The true meaning of trend is change and development in a general direction, so technically, if something has been consistently around for at least 10 years it has evolved into something far more sustainable and part our culture than something we’d consider to be a trend.


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When it comes to interior design the colour ‘grey’ has now become a staple part of our colour pallet. Grey has provided a slightly edgier set of options to the painfully neutral creams and magnolias of the nineties and noughties. It gracefully complements a wide range of colours and slots safely into a ‘non offensive’ category for interior novices. 

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The wave of grey in our homes doesn’t seem to be subsiding, providing a crisp and sometimes warm backdrop for bolder colours or natural tones. Working well with rustic materials such as exposed brickwork and worn wooden floors, it provides a rich alternative to traditional white skirting boards and window frames.


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The New Wave…Grey Furniture

One trend that we are seeing emerge in recent years is the introduction of grey furniture to our homes. It can create subtle, calm and contemporary living spaces and will pair perfectly with almost any other colour or finish. Grey furniture is the perfect compromise if you’re not willing to go the whole hog and immerse yourself in a heavy wall of grey. 

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It’s one trend that will work well with other items you’ve accumulated and will easily blend with new interior design phases as and when they emerge. Our Lundy Grey Bookcases provide a fresh and contemporary platform for our collection of antique nautical memorabilia and traditional copper desk lamp. The two styles sit happily together in one space, thanks to the neutral nature of grey.  

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Incorporating grey furniture can promote tranquillity, harmony and balance into what can otherwise be a busy and hectic living space. Our Lundy Bedroom Set creates a haven of tranquillity in our light room with white washed wooden floors. We’ve also teamed it with some hanging spider plants, ivies and palms, which work beautifully with its soft grey tones. 

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Our style of furniture is always routed in traditional design, but the overall look you get from grey furniture is ultimately a little more modern than other painted pieces. If you’d like to lift your interiors into the 21st century and give a slightly more contemporary feel to your home, grey furniture could be a trend worth investing in.

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The grey pallet is ever growing, so choosing a grey that’s right for your home needs a little consideration. Finding the right shade is important if your décor is going to work, that’s why we offer free wood samples for most of our ranges, so that you can try before you buy.

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Going for a grey with too much blue in it can be tricky to tie into other room colours, so try to find a grey with earthier warmer tones like our Lundy Stone, or our Regatta Grey and you’ll find it easier to merge them with existing furniture.

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Our Boston Light Grey and Portland Grey ranges are perfect if you want to go ‘off white’ but you want to avoid the warmth of cream. They provide a cooler, edgier look to your living space and both ranges are finished with some nice contemporary details, like the chrome cup handles and knobs.

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If you want to go for a really earthy grey with a hint of heritage green, take a look at our Caldecote French Grey range. It boasts all the modern elegance of our other grey ranges but with a richer, more traditional tone which would sit beautifully in a country cottage with a flagstone floor.

 Light grey bedroom furniture, grey furniture, painted furniture

Take a look at our full range of grey furniture and see if you could get swept up in this latest wave of interior evolution.  

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