Together Let’s Create An Inspired Homely Cookbook!

Ever wanted to write a cookbook, but never found the time?

The Cotswold Company want to celebrate the fabulous home cooks and bakers amongst our community – and we know there’s plenty – so we’re on the hunt for your best homemade recipes to be published in a wonderful cookbook.

Simply submit your favourite recipe (it must be an original!) and our panel of food lovers will select those that appeal and we’ll test them! Assuming they pass, we’ll put all the potential winning recipes to a public vote and choose the top 100 to be included – we’ll have The Cotswold Company favourite in each section too!

There are no limits to how many recipes you can submit and they can be for any course of a meal, the only rule is they must be your own.

Should your recipe be chosen for inclusion you will receive a copy of the cookbook when published and a gift voucher from The Cotswold Company.

All profits generated from the sale of The Cotswold Co Cookbook will be going to The Woodland Trust.

A few tips to consider when whipping up your recipe for submission…

Whip up a storm

Consider the ingredients that are involved – if it’s not available at the local supermarket then perhaps suggest a substitute for those who may not be visiting farmers markets or unique food shops.

Consider the equipment required to make the recipe, whilst you may have a particularly well stocked cupboard of ‘special’ utensils, assume most people will not and try to provide recipes that use your typical kitchen accessories.

Tell us the story of your recipe if there is one – before your dish is cooked we want people to be captivated, stories help. Having said that don’t panic if there isn’t a story and it’s just a favourite, simple works – just make sure there’s a great accompanying picture!

Avoid recipes that are commonplace and you haven’t an altered variation for – plain spaghetti bolognaise and roast chicken recipes are a dime a dozen, but if you’ve a twist on the classics and something that isn’t known absolutely include them.

Show us you care, by describing what we need to look for when cooking/baking your dish; how should it smell, how should it look, how salty/sweet should it taste – we don’t mind a wordy recipe if it’s serving a purpose and helping us on the journey.



The submission deadline for your recipe/s is 30th June 2016. Online voting will take place through July. Winners will be announced in August. We’re aiming to publish the cookbook around October; dates will be confirmed nearer the time.

Please send your recipe/s to with the subject line: Cotswold Co Cookbook.

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