High & Dry…Getting The Most From Your Utility Space


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While the utility room or area has to satisfy a multitude of household needs, it doesn’t have to be a drab and dreary room that you want to lock away and hide from guests. We’ve pulled together some useful accessories to maximise the space and usability of this multi-functional room. If you can enhance your utility space, the weekly clean might not seem like such a chore.

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Hanging Space

Ever find that the whole house looks like a tip when you’re trying to dry the washing? It’s often a struggle to find a spot to dry things that doesn’t encroach on the bedroom or living area.  These neat little laundry ladders are an amazing space saver and can be hung to a wall in a designated drying area, away from sight if necessary. They’re well crafted and attractive, so when they’re not in use they’re not an eyesore or a pain to find a home for, like a traditional clothes horse.

Clothes rack, drying clothes, wall rack, clothes dryer

With 16 rails to hang your clothes from there’s plenty of space for the washing load and when hung directly above a radiator, your clothes will dry in no time. Place it within close proximity to your laundry area and you won’t have far to lug the heavy load. Getting rid of your clothes horse and keeping floor space clear can be a real asset in a small home or utility room. This Laundry Ladder gives you a compact drying spot, that doesn’t involve making the rest of the house look messy.


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Handy Towel

Another great way to ensure a clutter free utility space is to have a designated home for your hand towels. If you have a bit of floor space to play with this oak  leaning ladder towel rail is perfect for housing a multitude of kitchen towels and linens. It’s also a handy spot for a bit of last minute drying out, the ladder is easy to move so you can always pop it in front of a radiator for a little extra warmth.

Towel rail, small towel rail, kitchen towel, utilityAlternatively if you’re lacking the floor space, this compact little towel rail attaches neatly to the wall and would make a helpful addition to a utility area or along side the kitchen sink.

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Dry Feet & A Mess Free Home

This helpful hug rug prevents around 95 percent of dust, dirt and  mud being traipsed through the house. They’re perfect for a utility area or boot room at the back of a house, especially if you use this spot as an entrance after long muddy walks. They’re made from recycled cotton, plastic and rubber and can be thrown in the washing machine to be freshened up when they get dirty.

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Alternatively our coconut runner can be perfect for adding a bit of warmth to a stone or tiled utility floor. These rugs are hardwearing and their natural composition make them neutral enough to work with almost any colour scheme.

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Where to Put Wellies?

Wellies are so large and cumbersome, they’re awkward to house if you don’t have a lot of storage. Even if you do have some storage, putting them away when they’re caked in mud can cause a real mess. Our wellie racks could be the perfect addition to a utility-come-boot room. They give you an ideal spot to hang your wellies while the mud dries and ensure the floor is free from dirt. Our welly boot rack can be used indoors and out, so you can save valuable storage space in the house if you need to. Take a look at our wellington boot stand for another indoor option.

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Hanging Around

If your utility room is also where you de-robe from the great outdoors, having a little hook rail area can be super useful. As well as being great for garments, these peg rails can be used up high or at the height of dado rail for additional storage. With an ‘S hook’ or two you can use them to house and display a number of your utility tools like peg baskets, hand towels, aprons, brushes, dustpans, mops and dusters.

They’re another great trick for getting items off the ground and into a designated space. If you don’t feel like your mop and brush are fit for displaying, take a look at investing in some well made, traditional cleaning accessories from somewhere like Hendy’s Home Store or Objects of Use. They sell some beautifully made cleaning tools that are almost too pretty to use!

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Mini Storage, Maximum Usability

Our Malachy Storage unit is the ideal spot to house all those nicky-knacky items needed in the utility area. Scrubbing brushes, nail brushes, a bar of soap and a selection of sewing equipment to fix any loose buttons before they go into the wash and get lost for ever! At 45cm x 35cm its compact shape and size lend itself perfectly to sitting above a sink or work surface.

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Buying Better Baskets

Having a decent sized clothes basket in your utility area is a bit of necessity when it comes to managing the weekly wash. Many of us put up with something plastic, tatty and falling to pieces, so if you find yourself in that camp, it might be time for an upgrade! Treating yourself to something solid and well made is a must if its going to withstand the wear and tear of daily family life. Our Tarsilla Laundry Basket with its robust hand woven finish is solid enough to take the strain of regular use, while enhancing the overall look of the room. Its warm rustic texture can really lift your utility area from a sterile work room to an inviting space to be in.

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A Flexible Friend

You don’t want to use up valuable surface space for lighting your utility area, but having some additional light to focus on fabric stains, or mend a spot of stitching, can be incredibly useful in addition to existing lighting. Our Drayton Wall Light has all the practical flexibility of an ‘angle poise’ while living off the counter space and attached to the wall. Its moveable head will allow you to manoeuvre it around freely and move it towards things for closer inspection. Angle it towards the wall, when its not in use and it will give the room a warm softer glow.

For lots of ways to improve the look and function of your utility space, take a look at our full range of accessories at the Cotswold Company.

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