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Celebrating the versatility of one of our most popular ranges.

We welcomed the Lundy range to The Cotswold Company family around 2 years ago, and since then its popularity has grown and grown. It’s one of our bestselling ranges and one of the most re-pinned looks we’ve shared on Pinterest. So what’s the secret of its success? We’ve tried to dig a little deeper into it’s surge in popularity and show why we think this it is the ‘must have’ range for modern country living.

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Sign of The Times. Grey is the New Neutral

Grey has become a staple part of our interiors colour pallet in recent years but one trend we’ve seen grow more and more is the popularity of painted furniture and grey furniture in particular. Grey is an incredibly versatile colour and puts a slightly edgier, modern slant on a neutral colour pallet. Our Lundy Stone Grey has a particularly warm tone to it and is a great way of introducing grey to your interiors without a room becoming too cold. If you want your furniture to have longevity and work with future schemes, you need it to be neutral but this look allows you to be bang on trend, safe in the knowledge it won’t look dated in a few years time.

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For more on the recent trend for grey furniture, read a little more about it in our recent blog post; ‘Grey Interiors, Design That Goes Way Beyond a Trend

 Grey bedroom furniture, stone grey, lundy grey, palms, macrame, wooden floors, dream bedroom

Versatility & Styling

We’ve photographed Lundy in a range of different décor styles, but no matter what look we throw at it, it always seems to work! There’s something about the tonally warm grey of its paint finish and it’s mix of classic design and modern function that gives it an incredibly versatile edge. One of our most popular looks with this range has been our Lundy Bedroom Set shot.  Here we’ve teamed the wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table with a plethora of plants, hanging macramé and palm leaves in vases. The white washed flooring, white brick walls and palms give the shot a summery, colonial look that we love.

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Neutral Earthy Tones

Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on why a particular colour can be so flexible and versatile and why others tend to jar. We often find that picking something with a natural earthy tone in it will lend itself well to the majority of finishes and colours in your home. Mother nature rarely gets her selection of colours wrong, so if you’re looking for something that’s truly neutral, sticking to a muddier pallet will often allow you to blend one colour seamlessly on to the next.

Grey furniture, painted furniture, grey nest of tables, oak, lundy grey

These types of colours also work harmoniously with wood, which makes total sense if you’re using nature as a guide. Lundy is finished in a smooth, matt, stony grey, which gives this range a natural warmth that some other grey furniture simply can’t achieve.

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Classic Shape With Contemporary Finishes

Lundy’s shape is pretty classic, with shaker style cupboards and clean boxy edges. But the use of the neutral grey pallet and the clean contemporary steel knobs and cup handles give it a thoroughly modern look. At The Cotswold Company we’re always striving for a balance of tradition and modernity and Lundy Stone Grey is our ‘pin up’ for modern country living.  It’s design perfectly captures all the benefits of traditional cabinet making techniques with all the contemporary style and function that’s needed in a 21st century home.

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Blended With Oak

We’re a huge fan of Oak at The Cotswold Company, not only for the way it looks but it’s incredible durability and strength. When it comes to furniture, there’s nothing quite like a piece of oak to enhance the look and longevity of the piece its used for. If you’re a fan of oak and painted furniture, you’re basically getting the benefits of both worlds with the Lundy range.  A smooth, luxurious painted finish and a hard wearing warm oak surface, to cope with general wear and tear. Oak is also incredibly adaptable when it comes to blending with other colours, so you won’t find it fighting with your existing décor.


If you’re interested in the beautiful Lundy Stone Grey Range and want to know more about it, take a closer look at its…

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Amazing Reviews

We take our customer reviews very seriously. All of our product reviews are fed straight to the product page for all customers to reference. They’re not edited or amended, they’re just a direct line of information from one customer to another. Any negative reviews we receive are monitored by our customer service and quality control team as well as our company directors, so that any issues are picked up and dealt with quickly. We’ve had little to worry about with the Lundy Range so far, 4.5 out of 5 being the lowest rating we’ve received and the majority of the range receiving 5 out of 5!

Eryyl Says “Absolutely love it. Ordered two bedside tables previously and this was to go together with a bookcase. Bedroom looks lovely. Very soothing colour and very well made. Everything as they said it was. Will definitely buy again from Cotswold”

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Enticing Quality & Persuasive Price

We try to take as much photography as we can to show off the quality of our furniture and Lundy’s images speak for themselves. Its lush surface, solid frame and oak surface look incredibly robust. You only need to look at a few of the customers reviews to know that the quality goes beyond what we’ve captured in the photography. We’ve had a multitude of complements about this range and it seems to continue to exceed expectations.

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Customers are also commenting on the value for money they receive with this range. We’re always doing our best to be competitive, but with this range you can make some amazing savings when you group products together. It’s not about being cheap, this range gives you great value beyond the price tag; in the quality of its workmanship.

This review from Kate, says it all; “Great quality product and really sturdy! Looks lovely in our dining room and will look even better once we get around to the decorating. We are first time buyers and felt that this deal was extremely reasonable compared to other companies

The Lundy Stone Grey Range includes some beautiful options for the bedroom, dining room and living area, so take a look at the full range on The Cotswold Company website.


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