Modern Country Living #3 Oakland Bedroom


Recreate Our Oakland Bedroom Look

Oakland Bedroom


Oakland Bedroom1

Bedside Storage

You don’t have to restrict your bedside spot to a small cabinet. You can add additional storage by introducing a tall piece with a multitude of drawers for clothing and accessories. Use a lamp with a long lead and you’ll still be able to turn off the light from the comfort of your bed covers!

Our Tip…

Try Our Cambridge Antique Copper Desk Lamp to complement this look.


Styling;  Floral Prints

We found our mix of floral prints from an unloved charity shop book and a group of unwanted picture frames at a boot fair. The variation of sizes is key, it’s also good to mix landscape with portrait where possible. This beautiful little group proves you don’t always need to spend lots of money getting artwork framed; some prints can look just as good affixed with a few spots of blue tack.

 Oakland Bedroom11

Basket Beauty

We suggest introducing our great little set of Grey Kooboo Chests. Like the one pictured above, they complement oak beautifully and provide some much needed additional storage for spare sheets, throws and duvets.


Styling;  Plants, Plants and More Plants!

Don’t be afraid to introduce a plant or two wherever you think they look pretty. We’ve placed ours at the end of the bed, on the head board (note this would need to be fully secured at home!) and hung from our feature doors with some handmade macramé. Be as bold as you can with plant styles and position, try to have a bit of fun with an ‘anything goes’ approach.

If you’re going for a green theme, plants are also the ideal way to tie the scheme together and make it look coherent.

Oakland Bedroom6 

Oakland Bedroom7

Cushions & Throws

If you love the mixture of green textures and pattern on our Oakland Bed, take a look at the Nikhita Cushion in Emerald Green, our Adhira Cushion in Emerald Green and our stunning Evelena Green Throw. This lovely combination works perfectly with the mix of crisp white linen and rich oak grain.

Oakland Bedroom8

It’s Best to Invest!

You spend a lot of your life in bed, so here is most definitely not the area to scrimp. When it comes to a bed, you need to invest in quality and longevity. You want to ensure you wont be looking for a replacement 12 months down the line or suffering with backache and forking out for an osteopath!

Our Oakland bed is solid, there’s no wobbles or squeaks where this bed is concerned. Its classic and contemporary look will mean its style will last as long as its structure and with a decent mattress on top, it’ll make you feel safe, secure and comfortable; what more could you want from a bed?

 Our Tip…

We recommend our Beaulieu Memory Foam Mattress for extra softness and support.

Oakland Bedroom9

Hard Wearing Rugs

We’ve softened the concrete finish of our floor with our Small Coconut Rug. Its hard wearing robust nature is perfect for areas of high use, which is great if you need to protect carpet or expensive flooring. It’s natural materials and classic herringbone weave make it easy to introduce to any interior look.

Oakland Bedroom12 

As Seen In…

Homify love our beautiful Oakland Bedroom look. They feature it in their article about Country Cottage Furniture, so if you love this kind of style, take a look at their post for even more inspiration.

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