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If you’re as addicted to the Great Interior Design challenge as we are, you’ll love listening to the experts judging rooms and passing on their infinite interior wisdom to us all. To get our very own slice of insight, we went to one of our best loved experts, a country interiors guru; the wonderful Sara Bird.

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Like us, Sara’s a passionate pioneer of modern country living and has an incredible twenty years’ experience specialising in the interiors, lifestyle, food and craft media industry. She currently works as a freelance interiors stylist, journalist and blogger, dividing her time between her own website; and being the Contributing Editor for Style on Country Homes & Interiors online presence House to Home – a role which involves her commissioning, styling and art directing for the brand.


“Growing up I’d always taken an interest in interiors – back then though the term ‘stylist’ didn’t really exist! A degree in architecture set me in good stead and after a stint of interiors PR, freelance assisting and then styling for the likes of BBC Good Homes, Elle Decoration, The Mail and BBC TV, I eventually got my first full-time editorial job on Ideal Home as Homes Editor where I was responsible for commissioning, art directing and styling for the Homes Department. After a few years there, the Deputy Editor’s role came up on Country Homes & Interiors. I stayed for 10 years – a lifetime in mag land – where I continued my creative role, helping to grow the title to the multi-platform brand that it is now”

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We’re a huge admirer of Sara’s work and we love her blog ‘’.  Sara posts about her favourite home and decor finds and passes on some great little tips and advice on how to make hand crafted items. We asked Sara to spare us a moment and tell us even more about her passion, experience and love for country interiors…


So what keeps you interested in interiors, what continues to inspire you?

“For me the best thing about interior design is the way looks and themes constantly develop and morph. There’s never a chance to get bored as there is always another view, observation or take on design”


Which interiors trend has really stood the test of time?

“One of the most enduring trends is the idea of mixing old and new. Taking it’s guise in differing looks – shabby chic, vintage, industrial, mid-century –  in essence it all boils down to how older things can be used and viewed in contemporary surroundings. That and decorating with white!!”

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How do you keep your home looking fresh and modern, without it looking dated quickly?

“To avoid things looking dated invest in classic shaped styles of furniture in a palette of tonal neutrals, then update with pops of colour and pattern as trends come and go”


If you recommended The Cotswold Company to a friend how would you describe us?

“I would say it is a really good place for a mixed use of materials with pieces that are both practical and stylish. Plus fab ideas for storage too!”

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What’s the most treasured piece of furniture you own?

“My favourite piece is an heirloom chair inherited from my mother. Originally my grandmothers, I remember it in the hallway of my first childhood home. When we moved it later became ‘my chair’ for sitting around the kitchen table and then followed me to uni and various homes over the years. It’s classic in shape, sturdy in design and, essentially, really comfy”

For more of Sara’s tips and advice visit House to Home, grab a copy of Country Homes and Interiors or visit her fantastic Blog.




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