Paint Colours That Will Go With Your Oak Dining Table


One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is around oak furniture and in particular, how to style it. From which colours pair best with different oak grains to flooring styles and tips for home accessories, so we thought we’d share some inspiration when it comes to your dining room and the beautifully timeless oak dining table.

The dining table is probably one of the most well-loved and most-used pieces of furniture in your home. It’s the place where families come together, days are talked about, plans made and memories remembered. From lighter oaks to dark, and a rustic smoked oak, we’ve put together some suggestions for the best paint colours that’ll complement these oak grains; together with home accessories that’ll bring them to life.

The richness and effortlessness of our Oakland range is what makes it a perennial favourite. It is timeless and traditional, and yet its design means it retains a sense of style and contemporary charm. While Oakland teams well with neutrals, it is the dark and smoky shades we feel best complements it. The depth and intensity of Railings by Farrow & Ball for example, or the smokiness of Green Smoke, help to bring out the warmth of the grain. Like all oak furniture, Oakland works well on wooden floorboards, a neutral carpet or kitchen tiles. If you’re placing your oak table on floorboards or tiles, a textured rug – like our Paloma seen above – helps to retain a little warmth and breaks up the wood-on-wood feel.

If you decide on a darker paint shade, adding gold and brass accents is something to think about. Decorate your oak table with brass candlesticks or, for darker dining rooms, a large mirror will help to reflect natural light and make a room feel instantly bigger. Our Sadira Mirror ticks both of these boxes and will look beautiful against a darker paint backdrop.

Lighter oaks tend to have a more rustic appeal. Sometimes with a white-washed grain effect, they pair beautifully with similarly lighter blue tones. For a soothing palette, cool blues – like Light Blue and Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball – not only help to accentuate the washed grain of light oak but can make a space feel instantly fresh and uplifting.

Our Light Oak and Appleby Oak collections are both ideal if you’re looking to keep your space light and bright, together with natural textures like our range of rugs. Mix and match our fabric dining chairs too in similar shades to complement your choice of wall colour.

Our smoked oak collections – like Camille Limewash Oak and Hadley Smoked Oak – work beautifully with rich plum shades and soft lilacs. Working on the warmth of lighter, smoked oaks, Brinjal by Farrow & Ball adds an element of sophistication too and complements the washed texture beautifully. If you prefer lighter, more neutral shades, choosing one with a hint of purple – like Peignoir or Brassica – will create the same level of cosiness. Similarly, painted furniture in similar tones pair beautifully with the white-washed effect of smoked oak – our Aston Spindleback Dining Chairs come in a range of colours.

For added warmth, browse our range of plain and patterned fabric seat pads. Natural textures, including jute rugs and wicker baskets, all work beautifully with oak furniture too.

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