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It’s the New Year and many of us are back with our nose to the grind stone in one way or another. If you work from home a little or a lot, you’ll understand how hard it can be to get your mind back into working mode, particularly after a long spell of enjoying your time indoors over Christmas.

Most of us don’t have room for a designated home office space, but as so many of us are working remotely, it’s become increasingly important to merge home and work life and still be productive. If working from home is going to be a success we need to be able to get up, walk away, distance ourselves from the 9-5 and get on with family life. Equally, when its time to work, we need to create an environment that allows us to get in the zone.

 In the search to get the balance right between work and home life, we think we’ve discovered the perfect asset.

Here’s why we think a beautiful bureau could be the answer to all our home office problems…



Primarily they provide a desk space, which is a good starting point for any office. A platform to work on (that isn’t your lap) is pretty crucial! They’re often narrow in size, so if you have to introduce one to a dining room or bedroom for example, they won’t overtake the space and confuse the function of the room.


Their enclosed nature make the work space feel contained, rather than a sprawling desk that spills over into your bedroom laundry basket! Everything is neatly confined to this designated space, allowing you to get your head down, eyes forward and block out the distractions of the outside world.


With a plethora of drawers and shelves for keeping things at hand and in order, there’s no shortage of filing space.

Your laptop can be plugged in at all times, via the handy hole at the back of the bureau and you can even stow it away while it’s still on charge.


As well as all those to the neat little cubby holes and handy shelves, you have the added bonus of space above to store books, plants or house additional lighting. Any additional ‘dressing’ space like this can really help to soften the blow of having to accommodate an office space in a bedroom, dining or living area. Adding points of interest that detract from the working area can make a home office feel all the more homely.


It’s also great for general well being to surround yourself with plants and light, so try and incorporate a bit of greenery wherever you can. Having to water them every now and then can also be a welcome distraction!

Here we’ve also used a our Malena Mirror and our Cambridge Copper Antique Desk Lamp to add even more life and light to our home office.


The true beauty of a Bureau lies beyond its general function. Our favourite features of this versatile little gem is that at the end of a long day at the office, you simply fold it away and your work life is concealed in one swift action.


Our Light Oak Bureau closes neatly to disguise your office space as a stunning chest of drawers. Any reminder of work is hidden from your gaze, so if it’s present in your bedroom, you can sleep easily at night without that constant reminder. Plus you can even use the drawers beneath as additional storage space!


For more Bureaus and other beautiful desks for the home office, take a look at our desk page.

If you’ve got a little more space around the home, we also recommend a corner desk as a great way of sectioning off the area in the room that’s designated for work.

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