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Create A Fabulous Focal Point For The Family Feast


Creating a homely hub that the family want to gather around can sometimes be more of a challenge than it seems. So whether your space is small and cosy or large and lavish, we’ve got a few top tips up our sleeve to make dining a little more desirable…

Communal Food

Get food out on display! There’s something so much more splendid about dishing up from the table and giving family and guests the option to help themselves.


We also recommend collecting a range of vintage serving dishes, a good sized chopping board to arrange the food on and some decorative ceramic tiles to protect the surface from hot pots!


Creating Space For Dining

It sounds like an obvious place to start but many of us don’t feel we have the room or the right equipment to create a proper dining area. Even if it’s just a small area in your kitchen, or a a corner of your front room, having a designated dining space will get you away from TV dinners and feeling comfortable and communal while you eat.


Folding tables with hidden leaves are a good place to start but if you’re really stuck for space our breakfast bars and round tables are a great option. This lovely little Oakland Set includes two stools that tuck neatly away when they’re not in use.


Dining Storage

If you have the space it’s so worthwhile having a designated space to display dining items. Having everything from plates to cutlery, candles sticks and place mates out on display can create a sense of dining drama.


Sideboards and wine cabinets can create extra serving space when you’re dishing up and the perfect stowaway when the meal is over.



Dress to Impress

Just a few inexpensive accessories on the table can lure in even the most unlikely visitor. We’ve found so many gems at boot fairs, charity shops and vintage fairs that help to create height, texture and interest to the everyday occurrence of dinner time.


Simply add an inexpensive posy of flowers or a few herbs, a pot of tea and a bottle for your morning milk and even breakfast time will start to feel like an event that everyone wants to attend.


Additional Seating

Investing in some additional seating is a great way of ensuring you’re always ready for guests, even if you have to disperse them around the house when they’re not in use.

Pick something that’ll go with decor in the rest of your home and you won’t be stuck with the garden furniture when additional people visit. The Cotswold Company offer a multitude of seat combinations so you can make savings when you buy together.


Adding Some Padding

If you love a solid wood finish but you want to add some comfort, take a look at The Cotswold Company’s range of seat pads and cushions. You’ll find you’re more likely to linger for longer, with some soft support beneath you.


Candles Make Cosiness

Even if it’s a midweek meal, create a bit of atmosphere and cosiness by lighting a candle or two while you eat. It’s cheap and so effective, making evening meals feel infinitely more intimate and homely.

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