Updating Your Spring-Summer Wardrobe…


If you’re thinking it’s not just your clothing that’s in need of a seasonal refresh, it might be time to find some bedroom storage that’s befitting of the things you love to wear.

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One of the great things about picking a freestanding wardrobe is flexibility. You can invest in something that will move with you and can adapt to new spaces as your lifestyle changes. There are many things to think about when finding the perfect wardrobe, as there are more options than you might think!

We’ve come up with our top 6 considerations to help you make the right choice, before you take the plunge and go for a new look…

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Make Time to Measure Up

The last thing you want to do is buy furniture that’s too big for your bedroom. No matter how much storage you need, you don’t want to feel that the wardrobe is overtaking the room or that everything’s towering over you when you’re trying to rest in bed.

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Draw out a small but ‘to scale’ floor plan of your bedroom, then simply cut out a series of paper squares (also to scale) to represent each piece of furniture you need to consider. Seeing everything on paper should help you understand where the furniture could be situated and the maximum amount of floor space you’re willing to give up for your wardrobe. Think about how much space you’ll have between your bed and your wardrobe as this will be a key factor. Ensure there’s ample space to get the doors open!

When you’ve completed your paper model, check your theory by marking out the floor with some masking tape. Doing this will really help you avoid any surprises when the furniture arrives. Our wardrobe sizes are clearly marked out on our helpful product pages and you can even convert from centimetres to inches at the click of a button.

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Time for a Sort Out!

When you’re making a decision on size, you also need to consider your storage needs. A common mistake is overfilling a room with freestanding storage, which can make it feel small and a little claustrophobic. Before buying anything, have a thorough sort through your clothes and accessories and BE RUTHLESS. If you haven’t worn something for a year or two, or if it doesn’t make you feel great when you wear it, take it to a charity shop. You’ll feel thoroughly cleansed and you’ll have a truer understanding of how much storage is really needed.

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Hanging and Drawer Space?

Think about what’s important to you, what sort of clothes do you need to store and what other storage do you currently have?

Buying a wardrobe with drawers built in is a fantastic space saver if you’re struggling to fit in an additional chest or you want to clear some floorspace and remove one from your bedroom.

Drawer space, pine wardrobe with mirror, books, vintage suitcase, wooden floor

With drawer and wardrobe combinations you can go as extreme and grand as our Lyon Oak Extra Jumbo Triple Wardrobe which will give you storage in abundance. Or you can opt for something as petite and concise as our Sterling Oak Combination Wardrobe. We think this would make the perfect ‘work ready’ station, housing everything from your work shirts to your deodorant and hairdryer!

If you have the space and you need a wardrobe and a chest, take a look at our Bedroom Sets; you can get substantial discounts when you buy items together.

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Length of Rail Space

Not all wardrobes run with a full width rail space, so make sure you check this before making a purchase. Most of our product pages show full internal pictures, so that you can check this out before you buy. Many of our product pages include a video which will give you a clear view of internal components.

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Choosing the Style

If your home is contemporary, or you want to introduce a more contemporary look, we would recommend our Lundy Stone Grey, Appleby Oak, Chester GreyLyon Oak, Oakland and Portland Oak Ranges. These all have either modern handles or slightly boxier shapes with less detailing and cleaner lines.

Burford Wardrobe, White, Painted, Classic, Cornicing

If you own a period property, or you’re just a fan of classic styling, we’d advise you take a look at ranges like Chantilly White, Burford Painted, Westbury and Mottisfont.

Chantilly White Painted Wardrobe, Antique Chandaliers, cornicingi

These ranges are a little more ornate and many of them have beautiful cornice or bevelling details around the top and bottom, which look great in a more traditional setting.

If you’re catering for a smaller space or somewhere with low ceilings, take a look at our Lyon Petite Range. It has all the benefits of our Lyon Range, but with compact measurements ideal for a small area. If you’re living in a petite property, getting something that doesn’t look oversized and out of place is key.

Corona, Pine, grey wall, wooden floor, large mirror 

Confidence with Colour

Most of our wooden finishes will go with a majority of wall colours or wallpapers. If you have shades of yellow in your room, avoid lacquered oak or pine finishes as the yellowy tones in the wood can blend in a little too much with the wall colour. Contrasting colours like dusty blues or greys can work wonderfully with natural wood.

Mottisfont Tripple Wardrobe, Vintage Wallpaper, Blanket Box, Vintage Wallpaper, Trailing Ivy,Painted furniture,Bedroom Furniture

Painted furniture can really add some light to your bedroom. So if you’ve gone for darker colours or busier wallpapers that can sometimes make the room feel smaller, using the large expanse of a wardrobe to reflect some light can work wonders.

Appleby Oak Wardrobe With Mirrors, Oak Bedroom Furniture, Dream Bedroom, Vintage Suitcases, Books, Tripod Lamp, Prints, exposed brick will

Another great tip is to choose one of our wardrobe styles that incorporates a mirror. Lundy Stone Grey, Appleby Oak, Langley Pine and Windsor Pine all include mirrors built into the doors. This can help give the illusion of space but also saves you from purchasing an additional full length mirror!

Don’t forget we offer a £20 discount to anyone who takes a photograph of their new Cotswold Company furniture in situ. So when you’ve made your choice, show us what it looks like!

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