Which Type Are You? Choosing Bedroom Furniture That Fits Your Style


Blanket box, cream bedroom furniture, vintage curtains, roses, thistles

If you’re thinking about revamping your bedroom, it’s good to have a think about the kind of styles that make you tick. To give you a helping hand we’ve grouped our bedroom furniture into 4 main categories to help you find the look that’s right for you.

Painted wardrobe, cream, classic, dream bedroom, wooden floors, shutters

Sleek, Chic & Classic

If you’re drawn to period properties and you love the sumptuous detailing of traditional design, you’ll probably fall for sleek & chic ranges like our Mottisfont, Westbury and Chantilly.

White painted wardrobe, painted bedroom furniture, tripod lamp

Each of these ranges are timeless in their design, with classic elements of detailing like the beautiful cornicing in the Chantilly range, the textured panelling of the Westbury range or the shaker style doors and panels of the Mottisfont range.

Painted bedroom furniture, wardrobe, blanket box, vintage wardrobe, ivy, geometric rug

The sumptuous painted finish of these ranges also add a touch of luxury and can make a bedroom feel instantly classy.

Oak bedroom furniture, rustic, oakland, brick wall, plants, green, botanical bedroom

Warm & Rustic

If you like traditional but your style is a little more informal and laid back, you might want to look towards some of our warm and rustic ranges. Introducing natural wood to your bedroom can give you an incredibly rich and tactile environment, which is ideal if you’re looking to create something cosy.

Pine Bedroom Furniture, macrame plants, white linen, white washed floors

Natural wood grain is imperfect and unique, one of the many reasons it’s so endearing and charming. Random natural patterns, knots and mesmerising wood grains cover these ranges and many of the pieces are finished with worn, aged edges and softer lines.

Oak bedroom furniture, rustic, painted wall, flowers, dressing table with mirror

Pine Bedroom Furniture, Mustard throw, dream bedroom

So if you’re a lover of nature and have a bit more of a bohemian side to your personality, you should take a glance at ranges like our Oakland, Lyon, Windsor and Langley to find your perfect bedroom style.

White Painted Wardrobe, painted bedroom furniture, ivy, suitcase, books

Crisp White & Bright

If nothing makes you happier than crisp white sheets on a bed or the feeling of being clean and tidy, white furniture is the perfect match for you.

White painted bedroom furniture, dressing table, mustard lamp, craspedia

It’s light and bright and can instantly make your bedroom feel sparkly and new! White furniture can also make a room feel a little more luxurious, even though it’s not reflected in the price tag.

White Painted furniture, blanket Box, vintage wallpaper, suitcase

It works with almost any wall colour or wallpaper choice, so if you’re someone that likes to experiment with your bedroom décor from time to time, white furniture will roll with the changes and adapt to any scheme.

White painted bedroom furniture, grey clock, geometric rug, typewriter, pencils, books

White furniture  is a wonderful way to add a touch of glamour with minimum effort, so if you like to feel a little indulgent every time you step into your ‘boudoir’ our Burford and Chantilly ranges could be a great option for you.

Oak Bedroom Furniture, dream bedroom, books, shutters 

Clean Lines & Contemporary

If you love classic design but ranges like Westbury are a little too fussy or ornate for your taste, you might want to introduce something with cleaner lines and an altogether more contemporary finish. If this sounds like a better fit for you, have a browse at our Appleby Oak, Portland, Sterling and Lundy ranges.

Painted bedroom furniture, grey, beige, white wash floors, macrame plants

These are simple and straight-talking styles, with boxier edges and less detailing. They’re sharp and stylish with some modern touches, like metal handles, smooth neutral or grey painted finishes and lighter (less rustic) shades of oak.

Oak Bedroom Furniture, dream bedroom, white wash floors, plants

These ranges are great if you’re in a 20 – 21st-century building or you just want to make your environment feel a little more contemporary.

Oak bedroom furniture, Mirrored wardrobe, tripod lamp, exposed brick wall, iron radiator

If you’re ready for a change and you’ve got a good idea of the style you’re looking for, take a look at our range of bedroom sets and you can make huge savings on grouping together your bedroom products.

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