Modern Country Living #7… Oakland Corner Desk


Oak desk, home office, typewriter, clock, eames style chair

With more and more of us working remotely, a designated office space is fast becoming an important part of Modern Country Living. This week we want to celebrate our Oakland Corner Computer Desk; it’s the perfect example of how to make a home office homely, while satisfying all the useful storage requirements one needs for a harmonious office space. If you’re in need of a workspace that’s a little more inspiring, take a look at how to achieve this modern country look in your home.

Oak desk, home office, typewriter, pencils, notepads

The Corner Unit

Introducing a corner unit is a fantastic way to get maximum surface and storage space from one piece of furniture. Slotting neatly and compactly into what can often be an unusable part of the room, you instantly create your own nook allowing you to focus fully on the task ahead, without distraction. This unit also has a handy central drawer to house your keyboard or notebooks and tuck them away when they’re not needed.

Oak desk, oak surface, home office, paper, typwriter

Natural Solid Wood

Introducing natural wood to your home office is a great way of softening the hard lines and dark plastic that comes with a computer and keyboard. Its beautiful grain is tactile and relaxing, a great asset when you need to create a calm space for being as productive as possible.

Oak desk, home office, pencils, books, paper

There’s nothing worse than having a precarious work station housing expensive technology, so if you can introduce something chunky and solid like our Oakland Desk, you’ll feel like your equipment is in safe hands while you work.

 Clocks, office, Newgate, plant, typewriter, vintage roberts radio

Working Around The Clock

It’s a handy thing to have in your work space, it’ll keep you on track throughout the day and if you can find something beautiful like our Newgate Putney Wall Clock you can inject some personality to the space as well. Take a look at our range of clocks for some great options that might suit your home office.

Eames style chair

Chair & Cushion

We added our Light Oak Eames Style Chair to the Oakland Desk and love the contrast between the soft warm wood and the striking white of the seat. It’s comfortable and well designed, lightweight and easy to move around if you’re a fidgety worker! We also added our Asmita Cushion to give a splash of colour and additional comfort.

Tripod lamp, typewriter, plant, newgate clock

Tripod Desk Lamp

This neat little desk lamp is a great addition to the work area. With its easel-like legs, it adds a touch of creative flair to your desk or lamp table. Introducing a warm light to your home office can really lift your mood on dull days, we’ve found some great vintage style bulbs from Dowsing & Reynolds which give off a sunny glow, rather than a harsh blue light. Some of their bulb styles are so beautiful, you don’t even need a lampshade.

Inspiration, roberts radio, newgate clock

Wall Space for Ideas & Inspiration

The great thing about a corner unit is the amount of wall space surrounding your desk. The natural position of this desk provides you with two large areas to pin up work, ideas and information. Surrounding your workspace with inspiring imagery or helpful reminders of projects you’d like to undertake is a great way of dedicating your space to work and creating a productive environment.

 Oak desk, cupboard, clock, home office, roberts radio

Getting the Right Finish

If you’re ever unsure whether the colour or finish of one of our products is going to suit the room it’s due to live in, take a look at our wood sample page, request a free sample and try before you buy. For even more home office options in a multitude of finishes, click through here to take a look at our full range of home office furniture.

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