4 Tips for Effective Spring Cleaning


With the welcoming bout of sunshine we enjoyed last week and the clock change over the weekend, it finally feels as though spring may at last be here. With the new normal of staying inside in force too, it seems the perfect opportunity for a good old spring clean.

Whilst it can seem a daunting and unsavoury task at first – one we continue to put off – it’s a brilliant way to blow the cobwebs away and start the new season afresh.


The arrival of spring evokes feelings of renewal and rejuvenation – a welcoming release following the seemingly endless months of winter before it. Natural light slowly starts to grace our front rooms beyond 6pm and the sun now rises with us in the mornings – putting an end to waking up and getting ready in the dark for many of us.

A touch of spring cleaning then, advocates these feelings of revitalisation and revival to come. A wonderful celebration of a new season.


It’s easy to let the mundane task of cleaning fall by the wayside over the festive period, so the imminent arrival of the spring months offers us an occasion to clean the house from top to bottom. To undertake the routines we might normally avoid. To clean the windows and the window sills, to wash the bannisters and wipe down the skirting boards and picture rails. To clean out and tidy up that cupboard under the stairs, to tackle the loft and have a good old declutter.

So, with that in mind, what’s the best way to actually start spring cleaning?

#1 Make a list

It may sound simple, but making a list can be so useful when it comes to tasks you’ve been putting off around the house. Think about the rooms you want to tackle, the jobs in each room that need doing, and perhaps any cleaning products that you need to pick up before you can begin. Be realistic in what you can achieve too. It might be a good idea to set a time for each task to work to as this will make even the most mundane of tasks seem manageable and achievable. Remember, it needn’t all get done in one weekend – so just set yourself a few tasks each day or every weekend between now and the start of spring. That way, you’ll soon get through your extensive to-do list!


#2 Start early

This follows on nicely from the point above. Looking outside your window at the leafless trees and persistent wind, you could be forgiven for thinking spring is still quite a way off; but this doesn’t mean you can’t begin the preparation process. Think how nice it’ll be when the warmer months do finally arrive and all the cleaning is done and dusted. Make the most of these cold, dark evenings and damp, rainy weekends then by starting those smaller jobs around your home that you won’t want to be doing when spring does arrive.


#3 High-traffic areas

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to take advantage of the tasks that only need to be completed a few times a year, but are the busy spaces in your home. Taking down and cleaning your curtains, taking rugs to the dry cleaners, giving your dishwasher and washing machine a good deep-clean and wiping down all the skirting boards.

Having a thorough clean also presents the perfect opportunity to have a rearrange too so be sure to gather some inspiration from Pinterest and interior magazines before you start. What’s more, this aesthetic reward will make the endless scrubbing, scouring and sponging all the more worth it because you’ll see a change too.


#4 Have a strategy

It may sound obvious, but you’re far more likely to get done what you need to if you have a plan or routine in place. Perhaps you’ll start downstairs first – beginning at the front door and working your way to the back of the house, before moving upstairs.

If you’re tackling a particularly messy or cluttered room, break it down into manageable steps, or start top to bottom. Some may suggest starting with the bathrooms – or your least favourite room – so all the others seem that little bit easier! Like we said above, a list to check jobs off will be wonderfully satisfying as you work from room to room too.


Strategy also involves making each and every task more manageable, because the harder it is, the more likely you are to give up. So, create a music playlist, plan ahead with meals and snacks throughout the day, enlist the help of a housemate or family member for the more difficult or cumbersome jobs – anything and everything to make your spring cleaning that little more enjoyable!


They say a tidy house equals a tidy mind, and we couldn’t agree more. Whilst it may seem like a mammoth task to undertake, a thorough spring clean will do wonders for lifting your mood and getting you – and your home – ready for the spring months ahead.


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