What dining chairs should you pair with your table?


Following on from our post about how to choose the right dining table for your home, we thought we’d share our tips and suggestions for choosing the right dining chairs to pair with your table.

Generally, there are three options when it comes to your dining area: choose all matching chairs to go with the matching table – or a different table, a complete mix of different dining chairs or opting for matching side chairs with a pair of complementary head chairs.

From scale and style to choosing the right colour then, we wanted to share our suggestions if you’ve been eyeing up one of our dining tables, but can’t decide on what chairs to pair with it. Or, if you have a dining table at home, but fancy giving it a refresh with a new set of dining chairs.

How to pick the right chair for your table


Primrose Upholstered Chair in Stone

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that the dining table style you go for – whether that’s a pedestal, trestle or traditional rectangle – can impact your chair choice too. If you have a dining table with standard legs, just ensure your chairs fit comfortably down each side – typically you should allow 2 inches between them – so guests don’t find themselves banging elbows. Similarly, you don’t want guests to have to sit with a table leg between them so accurate measuring is a must!

What size dining chair should I choose?


If you fancy buying a dining table without the matching chairs, it’s important to take into consideration what chairs you’d like to pair with it. This includes the size they need to be to ensure you and your guests can sit up to the table comfortably.

Typically, the common dining table height is 30 inches while dining chairs can be anywhere between 17-20 inches high. It’s thought that having a gap of between 10-12 inches from the seat to the table top will offer optimum comfort and leave plenty of room for you to sit down. Although this can vary depending on the thickness of the table top and the apron height – the portion of the table that is vertically positioned beneath the table top or seat to provide structural support.

What style of dining chair should I go for?


Winchester Oak Dining Chair

The main consideration when looking for mismatched chairs for your dining table is to ensure they’re compatible. We’ve gone through choosing the right size, but style is just as important. You want to pick a dining chair (or chairs), that complement your dining table. Just because they don’t match completely, it doesn’t mean they won’t be compatible.

Having a table with mismatched chairs has become a popular dining look, as not only does it create a feeling of personality and informality, but it also presents the perfect opportunity for adding different textures and colours too.


Portobello Painted Dining Set with 2 Benches

If you’re looking for a more casual dining set-up, choosing a dining bench makes a great option for your dining table. You could choose to have a bench on one side with two matching chairs on the other and a further different pair of dining chairs either end for a fun, eclectic mix. Or, you may choose to have a bench either side – with one of our striped seat cushions for comfort! – and two upholstered dining chairs either end of the table.

What colour dining chair works well with my dining table?


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This is very much a personal preference. If you have a real wood dining table or one with a neutral painted base, you can afford to be a little bolder and more experimental with your chair colour choices.

Similarly, you could choose to keep the same design of dining chair but pick two or more different colours for a stylish statement. Modern in feel but traditional in design, our Aston spindleback dining chairs are available in five complementary shades ready to mix and match.untitled-4372452

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Or, you could consider different textures. Choosing to pair cream chairs with your cream dining table but opting for an upholstered design for a softer, more contemporary contrast – and added comfort.


Our elegant Camille Oak Rattan Dining Chairs seen here in the beautiful home of @thelittlestonecottage

We hope, if you’re thinking about mixing and matching your dining chairs, that this has proved a useful guide; and even convinced you that adding a pop of colour or different texture can really help to bring a little charm and character into your dining room.


Pairing complementary shades: Our stylish Foxglove Winged Dining Chairs in Cream styled with our beautiful Chester Grey Dining Table

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