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Bookcases are an effective way of creating a bit of order, but also a great way of getting creative with display. Its a versatile piece of furniture that can lend itself to almost any room. So have a browse through all the shapes and sizes we have available and see which one might give you the perfect platform to show off the family photos or your favourite collection of cookbooks!

The Living Room 


Introducing bookcases to the living room is an obvious place to start. The living room should provide a bit of all-important downtime for you and your family, so to create a hub to house the things you want to indulge in, is a real necessity. Our Lundy Grey Range offers 2 useful sizes of bookcase to choose from and a warm, neutral backdrop on which to display the things you love.

The Bedroom


Beautify your bedroom space with our classic Burford Bookcase. It’s plain white painted finish provides the perfect backdrop for a spot of creativity.


Its classic curves and bevelled cornice lend itself perfectly to a bedroom. It allows for plenty of storage with its deep shelves so you can have fun layering a multitude of paraphernalia to great effect.


We think our vintage glass vase of Craspedia and our ceramic bottle of Eucalyptus leaves looks particularly lovely against the background of pure white. Bold shapes and silhouettes work particularly well with this bookcase as your backdrop.

The Bathroom


A bathroom might not seem like an obvious home for a bookcase, but they can be an incredibly useful tool for providing additional storage. Our slender Newark Oak Bookcase is ideal for housing soaps and scrubbing brushes within close reach of the bath or sink,  it also takes up minimal floor space in the process. If you’re lucky enough to have a larger bathroom, introducing one of our bigger bookcases, with deeper shelves, can provide a useful home for towels and linen. Add in a basket or two for your cosmetic supplies and you’ll have all your bathing needs housed in one accessible spot.

The Kitchen


There’s an extensive variety of bookcases available in our Bourton Painted Range and we think they work wonderfully in the kitchen. Using bookshelves to house and display your favourite cooking equipment and cookbooks can capture that quintessentially country kitchen look, whether you’re rural or not. Take a look at our Bourton Painted Dresser, Sideboard and Shaker Cupboard which complement the bookcases beautifully and provide all the kitchen storage you’ll need!

The Hallway


A bookcase’s slender, narrow shape lends itself well to an entrance hall area. Sometimes this part of the home can become a little overlooked and lifeless, but the simple introduction of a bookcase like this one and your hallway will instantly have a little more personality and character. Use your bookcase to add colour, texture, and interest to your home from the moment you set foot through the door.


They’re also perfect for housing plants as well as paperbacks, so don’t be afraid to mix things up a little. Ours also provided a handy resting spot for a case and umbrella after a walk home in the rain!



Oak is an obvious choice for a bookcase because of its unrivalled strength and durability. Our Light Oak Bookcases come in two sizes and provide an abundance of space for your books, family memorabilia, and rogues gallery!


The beautifully grainy panels at the back of these bookcases are almost as much of a feature as the contents within it. So if you’re able, it’s great to allow some space to show it off in places. When you’re arranging your shelves, don’t be constrained to books alone, allow some space for other objects such as clocks, plants, and keepsakes and have a bit of fun displaying them in amongst your book collection. By doing this you can really let your personality shine through and also show off the furniture to its full potential.


Introducing a lower bookcase like this one can not only provide additional storage but also adds an ideal platform on which to house extra lighting. We’ve introduced our Tamra Lamp, which works beautifully with the oak, providing a contrasting colour and material, while illuminating other items on display.


Display that Tells a Story About You

So many of us have a passion or a hobby that’s led to a mounting collection of memorabilia over the years, so introducing a bookcase as a form of curating that collection is a really great way to take stock of what you have and enjoy your past time in day to day everyday life.


We collated some elements from our nautical obsession into these two Lyon Oak Bookcases and think it’s not only a feast for the eyes but it’s also made the artefacts and reference books so much more accessible.



Painted bookcases like these from our Chester Grey  range can make your collection feel a little more contemporary. The smooth, flawless finish of the cool grey paint allows your display to take centre stage.  Take a look at our Westbury and Boston ranges and find your perfect shade of grey.

To view our whole collection, click through to our bookcase page here.


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