Modern Country Living #13 Mottisfont



Every once in a while, a range comes along that has continuous appeal. It seems to transcend trends and fads and offers the comfort of longevity. A timeless classic that never loses its appeal. Our Mottisfont Range has that very quality, so we’re looking a little closer at why this design continues to be as popular as ever…

 Fresh But Formal


Even with its classic wooden cornice and cream shaker style doors, Mottisfont manages to avoid looking dated. This style has been around for dozens of years and yet it still has a fresh, contemporary feel to it.


Our featured Mottisfont Wardrobe and Ottoman also show that, though thoroughly modern, it can still hold its own in a grand formal setting, surrounded by vintage wallpaper and antique embroidered curtains. Like an interiors chameleon, it slips confidently into any style of space seamlessly.

Creative With Colour


Mottisfont’s neutral cream pallet and warm wood surface make it an absolute cinch to team with rich, vibrant colours. Its simple shape and pallet allow you to be a little more experimental with colour.


Even bold patterned wallpaper can work will with this range. Its simple lines and clean, unfussy exterior mean you can go bold with pattern and unleash your inner interior designer. Sticking to simple furniture design like this is ideal if you like to change things up on a regular basis. This range will roll with the punches, without even flinching!

Rough with the Smooth


Mottisfont’s smooth painted finish works in perfect contrast with rough, exposed walls. We thought our dressing table worked beautifully with this partly painted brickwork and unfinished concrete floor.


We also introduced our Mottisfont Chest of Drawers to this crumbling country home, with rustic wooden flooring. It just goes to show how this range can make even the shabbiest decor look chic!

To see even more, click through to view the full Mottisfont Range here.


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