Oak bookcase, rustic oak, rustic wall, antique golden frames, blue pottery, fern2

Styling Rustic Oak…Insider Tips From Our Creative Team


Oak bookcase, rustic oak, rustic wall, antique golden frames, blue pottery, fern2

Oakland is one of our hero ranges, it’s got that quintessentially rustic country look that’s become synonymous with The Cotswold Company. As trends moved away from Pine in recent years and towards the strength and grain of oak furniture, these solid pieces have become a staple part of homes up and down our beautiful Island. We’ve gathered together some of our top styling tips so that you can get the most from this beautifully rustic range.

Rustic Oak wardrobe, Rustic bedroom furniture, muted greens, plants, exposed brick wall

Colours that Complement

We love teaming this range with muted, dusty blues, greens and greys. These colours provide a beautiful contrast to the yellow tones in the wood and help to mellow out some of its warmth. Avoid using yellowy wall colours or accessories with this range where possible, they tend to blend in too closely with the colour of the grain and can become a little insipid. Putting it with a contrasting colour like blue or green can really enhance the look of the grain and elevate a piece into a key feature of the room.

Oak coffee table, rustic coffee table, Vintage frames, succulents, clock, chair, grey wall 

Accessorising & Styling

Oakland has a very traditional and rustic look, so we love to team it with the vintage items we’ve collected or furniture that’s become worn and battered over time. This range fortunately works well with almost any style, but we think it’s best suited to a traditional and slightly more masculine approach to accessorising. Take a look at our classic Tripod Lamp, our Cambridge Copper Lamp or the Carter Wall Clock pictured above for inspiration.

Rustic Oak, FLowers, Lots of Flowers, Abundance, Oak furniture, Coloured Walls

Fresh flowers are always a lovely way to dress any furniture, but adding them to Oakland can really re-address the feminine balance to this range. Our Oakland Small Sideboard looks stunning adorned with this abundance of roses, hydrangeas and eucalyptus, here we’ve gone for a ‘more is more’ approach…you can never have too many flowers right?

Rustic Oak bedroom furniture, Rustic Oak Chest of Drawers

We think that the chunky Earthenwear vases and pots work particularly well with Oakland, they replicate the sturdy, rustic and handcrafted look of the furniture while perfectly housing the flourishing blooms.

Rustic Furniture, String of pearls plant, rustic chest of drawers, oak furniture

Dressing With Leafy Plants

Oakland and plants are a match made in heaven. It stands to reason that the beautiful natural wood of this range would work perfectly with a leafy green. Mother Nature rarely gets her colour pallet wrong, so stealing a bit of inspiration from the great outdoors will usually make indoors look great too.

oak Chest of drawers, rustic oak, oakland, plants

Selecting plants with deep, green, luscious leaves and grouping a multitude of textures together is a great way to complement the Oakland Range.

Rustic Oak bedroom, Spider plant, bedstead, green accessories

We particularly love the shape and texture of the humble spider plant and we’re enchanted by the ‘string of pearls’ plant that looks stunning when its draped over the oak grain.

Rustic Oak bedroom furniture, oak furniture, rustic bedroom, exposed brick walls 

Oakland Looks Great With…

If you’re thinking of redecorating and want to select a scheme that’s going to enhance this range, bear in mind how rich and warm its colour can be. It’s always good to balance the colours in your room with a mix of warm and cool, dark and light shades.

Oak chest of drawers, rustic oak, oakland, flowers, typewriter, green wall


So if you want to balance the yellow tones of this range, look towards muted, deep colours with some hints of blue. We love how well this deep luscious green complements our Oakland chest, it’s a bold colour, but with almost a dusty, dirty, appearance, which is a great match for the imperfections of this rustic oak range.

Oak bookcase, rustic oak, rustic wall, antique golden frames, blue pottery

Oakland’s rustic character also works beautifully well with a textured walls, like exposed brickwork and the uneven plastering. It’s worn edges and hand crafted nature allow it to sit beautifully with unfinished and imperfect surfaces.

Oak grain, rustic chest of drawers, oak bedroom furniture, rustic oak 

What We Love About This Range

This is a timeless range with a style that will outlive us all! If you want to get longevity from your furniture (which is a credential that’s close to our heart) this range will give you abundant strength, a classic look and a unique finish that, like a fine wine, will only improve with age.

Oak wine rack, rustic oak, oak dining furniture, dream dining room

It’s got lots of little handcrafted details that give a respectful nod to the traditional cabinet making techniques of the past. Look out for the beautifully rounded edges, dovetail joints, mortise and tenon frames and the endearing diamond dowels that you can spot on the fascias of many items in this range.

Spider plant, oak furniture, Rustic bedroom furniture, green accessories

To learn more about how the Oakland Range is made, take a look at our blog post ‘Look A Little Closer…’ and our design team will explain even more about what makes this range so special!

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