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A little off the beaten track, our ninth home tour took us to the outskirts of Bradford to Amanda’s quaint and cosy home; aptly named, Hobbit Cottage. “I have lived here for two and a half years now, it was only supposed to be a renovation project but due to work location, I ended up staying.” Driving down a somewhat bumpy road – “everyone hates it but it really does add to the charm and surrounding area” – we arrived outside an old stone cottage with beautiful views of the surrounding fields behind.

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img_0743-7656442~ Rustic Kindling Box ~

Brimming with rustic charm and character, Amanda reveals it was this which first attracted her to the cottage.

edit-1-2337453~ Browse Dining ~

Despite needing rather a lot of work doing to it, Amanda admits this didn’t put her off. “I did work as I went along and did a lot of it myself which was a challenge but something I had always wanted to do. I had a very small, tiny budget, but being an interior designer, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and love to make my mark on a property.”


From putting in a new kitchen to uncovering the beautifully old and original fireplace, the whole of the downstairs needed to be ripped out. No easy feat, but Amanda reveals she undertook much of the work herself, tackling various DIY jobs (including the shelves in the kitchen) despite facing a number of challenges along the way – including the limited space in which to work! “The biggest challenge was the size, it is absolutely tiny! I really thought about how I would use the space and what I wanted from it. I had to do a lot of the work myself due to budget – everything from laying the kitchen floor tiles to making my own dining table and re-plastering the fireplace wall. There isn’t a straight wall in sight so that definitely caused a few issues!” 

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A huge undertaking then – “it was definitely a learning curve, but I learnt so much and any mistakes I have made I know for next time” – Amanda admits her career and love for interior design definitely helped and guided her. “I had a vision from the start, and it turned out how I imagined it to be. It is tiny so planning at the start was key.”

img_0836-2617036~ Portobello Painted Coffee Table ~

  Several years on and Amanda has turned Hobbit Cottage into a cosy and welcoming home. “I spend most of my time in the corner of my living room where the chair is. The TV isn’t a focal point for me, it is definitely the fireplace. I love to sit here and do some work or read a magazine with a cup of tea.”


Our timeless Portobello Painted Coffee Table, taking pride of place in the living room beside the fire, looks perfectly at home. With a very clever way of styling and arranging her home so that it doesn’t feel small or cluttered, Amanda tells us: “A coffee table is the perfect place to gather. It helps with styling and creates a focal point. I prefer to have my furniture facing the coffee table rather than the TV as it creates a more inviting and sociable space.” 

img_0844-6238871~ Portobello Painted Coffee Table ~

Describing her interiors style as modern rustic, Amanda admits she can often be found swooning over decor and different interiors. “I’m definitely a traditional girl, so the cottage suits my style very well as I can be ultra-rustic! I do like to be more modern and add a contemporary twist on a traditional interior so that might be for the next project. I am always looking in magazines like Country Living, Neptune and Devol for inspiration too.” From magazines to Instagram, Amanda reveals a number of accounts that inspire her own interiors too: “There are so many accounts I love on Instagram, but a few I love to follow are; Jen @notthecitylife, Steph @stephgowla, @home__stead, Clara @no.27lincoln and her personal account, @hygge_and_me.”


When it comes to her Instagram account hobbit_cottage, Amanda admits her bathroom – “it’s my second favourite space” – and the fireplace always get a good reaction. “The house has a lot of character so I think that helps.”

untitled-2-2-8222096~ Our beautiful Burford Painted Bed is a brilliant match to Amanda’s seen here ~

Heading upstairs and the house is deceptively large, with two bedrooms – one currently being used as a convenient office space – and a large bathroom with panelling painted in a beautiful sage green and views over the rolling fields. “For the size of the house the bathroom is rather large and the view from the freestanding bath is perfect!” 


Looking to the future and Amanda tells us she would like to tackle the front garden next – “I don’t have a back garden unfortunately but the space at the front is a nice size.” With one successful renovation project under her belt, would she consider taking on another? “Absolutely! I am currently thinking about getting another project. I will always have to do work on a house, I love to make my mark and turn it into something great which a lot of people wouldn’t have the vision to do so! It is so exciting and a great achievement.”

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For the time being though, Amanda reveals that for her, making a house a home is the most important thing. “I want people to feel at home in my home. I want a welcoming, inviting and cosy space which is bright and fresh.”


We’d like to say a big thank you to Amanda for inviting us into Hobbit Cottage! You can peek inside more homes with our Home Tour Series here!

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