Low and Wide Chests of Drawers

Every home can benefit from clever storage solutions. Not only are our low and wide chests of drawers great bedroom furniture, but they can be used around the house to store away your essentials. A versatile piece of furniture, drawers of all shapes and sizes can complement the style of your home and offer valuable storage space.

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Our range of low and wide deep chests of drawers are thoughtfully designed to be beautiful and useful. We’re home-loving, rather than design-obsessive, so all of our furniture is timeless, complements various rooms, and provides practical storage solutions.

A low chest of drawers is ideal for styling beneath a window, if you have limited headroom or if you’d like to add a mirror, vases or other decorative items on top. Having low, wide drawers means you can also maximise the storage available, meaning you’ll have ample space for tucking away just about anything.

Browse our range of chests of drawers that are lower in height and wider in width to find something to fit your space.