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Finding the Perfect Chest of Drawers

Most of us need at least a small amount of drawer space in our bedroom for folding away clothes and underwear, but choosing something that’s the right shape and size for our bedroom, and that we wont outgrow in a matter of months can be tricky.

We’ve spent many years searching for the perfect selection of chests of drawers for our customers, so we thought it would be useful to compile a little overview of what’s out there, with some helpful hints on selecting the right style for you…

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The Tall Boy

Choosing a tall boy is a no brainer if you’re dealing with a small space. You’re getting a huge quantity of drawers without forsaking valuable floorspace, which is ideal in a bedroom where you’re having to accommodate other large items of furniture.

Tall boy, white furniture, wicker baskets, slim furniture, bedroom furniture

Tallboys are also ideal for the bathroom. Their small footprint and multitude of drawers are perfect for stowing away toiletries or even spare toilet tissues. We think the wicker and white finish of our Farmhouse Ivory Tall Boy would be a great candidate for bathroom storage.

Oak Chest of drawers, seven drawers, bedroom, bedroom furniture, dream bedroom, books, roses,green walls, slim chest of drawersr

Slim Fit

If a Tall Boy isn’t going to utilise the space you have to it’s full potential, it’s possible to go a little wider while still retaining a slim fit with one of our 2 over 3 and 4 over 3 chests.

Oak chest of drawers, alcove, recess, fireplace, bedroom, dream bedroom, oak furniture, bedroom furniture

These are often an ideal candidate if you need to fit your storage into an alcove. If you’re living in a period property there will often be a chimney stack going through one or two of your bedrooms, so making full use of the recess spaces are a necessity. If you can get the dimensions right, this style of chest of drawers will sit neatly off of the main floor space, leaving you  plenty of room for your bed or other furniture.

White bedroom furniture, tall boy, slim chest of drawers, alcove, recess, bedroom storage, dream bedroom

If you’re ever unsure about which pieces are going to fit your allotted space, use our handy little dimensions tool at the left hand side of our Chest of Drawers Page. Measure your gap and move the slider to assign a maximum width for your chest. The page will automatically update, eliminating any items that are too big for your space.

White bedroom furniture, wide chest, painted furniture, bedroom, dream bedroom

Going Wide

If you have a long piece of wall space, one of our 3 over 4 chests are a great way of creating a focal point in a larger bedroom.

Oak Chest of drawers, seven drawers, bedroom, bedroom furniture, dream bedroom, books, roses,vintage wallpaper

They offer bags of storage and the long surface area can provide a wonderful space for display, allowing you to add some personality to your room of rest.

Painted furniture, chest of drawers, bedroom furniture, dream bedroom, angle lamp

This area also provides an ideal spot for adding some low lighting to the room, which is another opportunity to make bit of a statement.

Lamps, lamp stands, freestanding lamps, sideboard, oak furniture, lamp collection

If you’re looking for some lighting inspiration, take a look at our accessories page for some beautiful freestanding lamp options.

Oak chest of drawers, brick wall, dream bedroom, oak bedroom furniture

Wicker vs Wooden Drawers

Nothing really beats wood in terms of strength, but handwoven wicker can still be incredibly durable and offers something a little different.

Wicker chest, chest of drawers, 9 drawers, flowers, crockery, bedroom, bedroom furniture

Wicker has a very ‘relaxed’ appearance, so can be a great way of adding an informal warmth to a room. The softer, textural exterior of styles like our Farmhouse Natural Chest lend themselves perfectly to a bedroom.

Wicker chest, chest of drawers, 6 drawers, white furniture, bedroom furniture

This Farmhouse Ivory 6 Drawer Chest is a great addition to a bedroom or spare room. With lovely spacious drawers it’s particularly useful for housing bed linen, blankets and towels. If you love this kind of look, but need something with smaller drawers, there are a number of shapes and sizes available across our beautiful Farmhouse Ivory Range.

Oak furniture, Multidrawer chest, natural oak, oak chest of drawers, cup handles, vintage books, oak storage, oak bedroom furniture

The Statement Piece – As Seen in Country Homes & Interiors

If you have the space and you want to invest in a timeless statement piece, take a look at our Natural Oak Multi-Drawer ChestCountry Homes and Interiors recommend it as a ‘We Want This Now’ piece in their April 2016 issue. You can also find this style with a lacquered finish as part of our Oakland Range.

Painted furniture, chest of drawers, bedroom furniture, dream bedroom, Ivy, books, white furniture

Finding a Finish

Take a look around at the room you’re furnishing, count the number of colours you can see on the floor, ceiling, walls and main pieces of furniture. Include a different wood finish as a different colour and if you’re exceeding 5 different shades, you may need to reign things in a little bit with your next purchase. A large amount of colours and finishes could be making the room feel too busy and incoherent.

Oak furniture, oak chest of drawers, oak grain, books, vintage vases, antique gold frame

To tie things in a little better, look at matching the shade of paint finish to an existing colour in the room, or if you already have wooden furniture in there, try to match the wood finish as closely as possible. You can try before you buy with many of our ranges by simply requesting one of our wood samples completely free of charge.

White bedroom furniture, white chest of drawers, alcove, recess, dream bedroom

These useful little segments give you the opportunity to compare first hand with your existing furniture and decide whether you’re going to be confusing or complementing your current scheme.

To see more of our treasured chests, take a look at our full Chest of Drawers page on the Cotswold Company website.

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