How to use mirrors to maximise and brighten your space


 Not only do they provide a faithful reflection, but a mirror offers a practical and aesthetic addition to your home too. They help to lighten, brighten and bring style and character to dark corners and small spaces. They can open up rooms and provide a beautiful focal point above mantle pieces, desks or dressing tables.


So, whatever the size of your home, here are a few ways you can really maximise your space and make a room or two feel that bit lighter.

Which mirror should I choose?

The rectangle

Most commonly, you can choose between a round or rectangular mirror.


Long, floor-length mirrors – like our Large Chantilly White Mirror seen here in Katie’s bedroom – are perfect for this size of space. Not only do they reflect lots of natural sunlight, and so help to make your space feel even brighter, but they’re useful for getting ready in the mornings too.

If you’re working with a smaller bedroom, you could try safely leaning one our long wall mirrors – like our Isabelle Leaner Mirror – behind your bedside table so it doesn’t take up valuable floor space. If you have a table lamp on your bedside, this will help to reflect the light further too, creating soft and ambient lighting for the evenings.


You could always opt for our window-style mirror too, seen here in the home of Becca @goldenfoxcottage, if you’re looking to brighten a dark or gloomy corner. By placing a large window-style mirror here at the bottom of their stairs, it has helped to reflect the sunlight coming from the kitchen, making it feel lighter and more inviting.

A wonderfully versatile design, you could place it next to, or opposite, a real window so that it reflects the natural light shining through – and the beautiful view from outside if you’re lucky enough to have one. Alternatively, you could place this mirror where you wish you had a window, for an illusion that’s pretty to the eye.


While it seems natural to hang a long mirror vertically, turning it around so it’s horizontal actually gives a lovely long landscape of light and a wider reflection of a beautiful view – like we’ve done here with our Oaksey Mirror.

The circle

An elegant alternative, the rounded edges of a circle mirror can really help to bring a soft contrast to a room. If we think of our furniture, most of it is square or rectangle with straight, uniformed lines, so introducing a round mirror, will add a welcoming subtle softness.


What’s more, a round mirror can be placed just about anywhere in your home. It’s a perfect option for more awkward spaces – like the eaves in an attic bedroom for example, or smaller rooms like a bathroom. While a large rectangle mirror can sometimes make a space feel too cramped and busy, it is the rounded edges of a circle mirror which help to prevent this.


Kate’s bathroom is a brilliant example. Our Boston Mirror measures 100cm (with a smaller size available), but it doesn’t feel too big or oppressive for the space. Its timeless design complements and accentuates the patterned wallpaper rather than overpowering it. It also provides a stylish contrast to the square wall tiles and works well with the curved lines of the toilet and sink.

Where should I place my mirror?

We’ve touched on this above, but mirrors are wonderfully versatile accessories for your home. And you can never really have too many.


They complement every style and decor – from modern apartments to characterful cottages. It’s no secret they work wonders for small spaces too, helping them to feel larger than they really are.

Above your dressing table


Showing its versatility once more, our Large Boston Mirror, seen here in Sophie’s light and neutral bedroom, adds a contemporary and stylish edge. And again, although it measures 100cm, it doesn’t feel too large for the space, thanks to its round edges and fuss-free design. Sophie highlights that you don’t always need a standing mirror on your dressing table either. Hanging one just above it helps to free up more space and keep the area clean and tidy.

Lean against a wall


As we saw in Katie’s bedroom, long mirrors don’t always need to be hung, and actually, they can work wonderfully when simply placed against a wall. Whether your bedroom is big or small, introducing a big portrait mirror will reflect lots of natural sunlight, making the space feel bigger and brighter all year round.

Our Large Edna Mirror, seen in Anna’s bedroom above, pairs beautifully with the natural wood and neutral walls too, while its intricate pewter detailing further helps to reflect the light and brighten this corner.

Above the mantle piece 


This placement is always a popular one. Generally a fireplace or mantle piece will be focal to the room and the first thing you see when you step in, so placing a mirror above it will instantly draw your eye to it. Sitting centrally, it will also reflect most of the room, making it feel much bigger and brighter.

Our Large Boston Mirror has stolen the show once again here in Rose’s stunning home, but either a circular or rectangular mirror will work beautifully in a living or dining space like this.


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