What does Home mean to you?



Where the heart is? Somewhere to hang your hat or where you feel safe? Somewhere you can be creative, spend time with friends and family, or where your pets are?

Home means so many things to so many different people. It is a castle, a haven, a sanctuary and a retreat. It is a space where we can switch off, laugh, forget our troubles and be ourselves.


We recently asked you, What does home mean to you? and the responses were actually not all that surprising. We were inundated with hundreds of comments with the overarching response being that home is simply where your family is – furry or otherwise! Home is not so much about the contents or the materials then. It is not governed by ‘things’ but rather by those who live there, those who also call it their home.


With all that is going on in the world, from politics to environmental concerns, not to mention our own worries and thoughts, the need for somewhere to retreat to is more important than ever before. It’s that feeling of walking through the front door, of closing it behind you and breathing a sigh of relief. For whatever may have happened that day – good or bad, vexing or otherwise – we can put it all behind us and forget about it once the door is closed.

So, what were your responses?

Well, it’s no secret that we’re a nation of animal lovers. The importance of our pets and how our homes are as much theirs was clear to see. ‘Home is where my dog is…’ was a popular and heartwarming response. It wasn’t only dogs though, rabbits and cats are clearly wonderful companions too!

Home is also a destination. It isn’t just about the every day – somewhere you return to after work – but what it provides at the weekends or in the holidays too. Somewhere the family can congregate, come together and make the most of spending time with one another – no matter the distance between you. It’s where children who have long flown the nest can return to: for advice, a catch-up over coffee or a traditional family roast. It’s a place for generations too – for grandchildren to come and play and make new memories – and where those who brought us up still reside.


‘Home is where you are you.’ A simple yet thought-provoking response, and another that came up time and time again. It’s as though our homes really are a retreat. Somewhere we have no-one to answer to or need to put on a show for. We can simply be ourselves. Somewhere we ‘can pull up the drawbridge and be at peace.’ In fact, we had more than one person use this phrase. It’s a comforting feeling to think of our homes as somewhere we are safe.

We had one comment from a lady who told us she was volunteering at a winter night shelter – making her realise just how thankful she feels to even have a roof over her head. In fact, this leads on from our point above. That home isn’t about ‘things’ but the feeling of safety and reassurance it provides us.


Making a house a home

Whether you’ve just moved house then, or you’re planning to move within the next year or so, we thought we could lend a helping hand – because we know how important it is to make your new house feel like home. While we can’t really help with the pet or family side, we can help in making it an occasion to remember when you do all come together. Or, for those moments when you find yourself alone too.

For when the whole family visits…

dining-edit-2414428Camille Limewash Oak Table with 6 Chairs | Westcote Blue Ext Round Table & 4 Chairs | Chester Grey Ext Table with 4 Chairs

Enjoying our favourite food and sitting around the dining or kitchen table proved a popular response when we asked what home means to you. It ties in nicely with home being where the family is too. That we like to think of our homes as somewhere people feel welcome and content. In fact, a dining table is one of the first things we consider when we’re moving house. Whether you have a small kitchen, a light-filled conservatory or large dining room, you want, first and foremost, a table that will seat the family. For those special occasions or simple Sunday roasts, many of our dining tables are extendable – so they’re ideal for welcoming extra guests.

For ample storage in every room…

chest-edit-8722774Mottisfont Painted Wide Chest | Appleby Oak Chest | Chambery Grey Painted Chest

Whilst it was clear from your responses that home is not so much about possessions, we believe it is about a feeling. About coming home to somewhere you can relax, unwind and feel content. We all know the age-old saying that a tidy house = a tidy mind. When everything has its home and you’re able to enjoy a clutter-free space, it makes being home all the more enjoyable. From chests to sideboards, blanket boxes to baskets – they’re ideal for storing life’s clutter.

For a good night’s sleep…

bed-edit-3303112Balmoral 5ft Kingsize Bed | Burford Painted Day Bed | Ashwicke Grey Super King Sleigh Bed

From early mornings to those much-needed weekend lay-ins, our beds quickly become one of the most-used items of furniture in our homes. A considered purchase, we hope it is one that will be with us for many years so it’s important to find one that is not only built for longevity but one that is equally stylish too. From regal metal bed frames to traditional real oak and painted pine, we’re confident you’ll find a beautiful bed to suit your decor style.

For creating your favourite new nook…

cosy-edit-4441750Evesham Love Seat | Farmhouse Painted Shoe Bench | Burford Painted Nest of Tables

For a quick morning coffee at the weekend or a long afternoon reading your favourite book; we love these quirky nooks and corners in our homes. They’re cosy, comfortable and perhaps a little bit awkward, but they can also be a spot where we can relax; if only for a moment, and be ourselves. Make them personal then with super storage solutions (so they remain clutter-free!) and wonderfully cosy with soft accessories.

So, it’s clear to see that our homes mean the world to us and that they really are our favourite place to be.


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