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Luxurious and functional, bed linen is one of the most important finishing touches to any bedroom. Travelling far and wide, we discovered our distinct weave in Portugal, world-renowned for its master weavers and textile industry. From duvet covers and sheets, to pillowcases and bed linen sets, we’ve got everything you need to drift off into a restful night’s sleep.

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With its durability and gentle fibres that grow softer with every wash, 100% cotton linen is king when it comes to bedding material. Most importantly, it’s a breathable fabric that maintains ventilation throughout the night - remaining warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For a premium experience, our Egyptian cotton is handled with the utmost care, so the fibres are longer, softer and more robust when spun into the yarn - fostering an opulent, silky finish.

Simply put, thread count is a measure of the number of threads per square inch of your bed linen.

We use a 200-400 thread count as it flawlessly marries softness with the breathability needed for settled sleep. A common myth is that premium bedding has a higher count. While it’s true that more threads result in a thicker consistency, anything over 400 thread count for bedding should be met with some apprehension. If the yarn or workmanship is not of good quality, bedding will be coarse. That’s why we pride ourselves on only working with master weavers who use 100% cotton and zero harmful chemicals. What’s more, we use specific weaves that work in tandem with the thread count to ensure superior texture and longevity.

Just like bed linens, think quality, not quantity. A non-cotton fibre can produce a high thread count, however, due to its thinness cannot compete with the soft, natural density of a lower cotton thread count. Our sheets combine the softness of Egyptian cotton with an airy and hardwearing 200 thread count percale.

Percale is a particular variety of cloth associated with a tight weave and inherent tautness. By using a one-over-one-under technique, the structure promises longer-lasting strength, along with sumptuous softness. After exploring all corners of the world, we fell in love with a unique percale from Guimaraes, Portugal. With generations of expert craftsmanship behind it, this historic city is known as the beating heart of luxury textiles.

This distinctive 200 thread count percale established a beautiful balance between day-to-day practicality and sublime comfort. Our tests proved this to be both the hardest wearing and most luxurious percale available, so our bedding has both a natural crispness and sleep-inducing characteristics. It’s also ‘iron friendly’ in comparison to others available on the market.

Nurturing a silky-smooth feel our sateen offers a thicker, more indulgent experience. The irresistible softness is produced by a complex weave that uses a one-yarn-under, three or four-over method. This creates a deluxe weightiness that is especially cosy. That’s why we use a 400 thread count in our Egyptian cotton sateen duvet covers and pillowcases for optimum luxury.

Made from 100% cotton, our beautiful bed linen is available in minimal white, soft greys, and calming blues...

for the Everyday: Simple and versatile, everyone should have at least one set of white sheets. If you’re working with a tighter space lacking in natural light, white instantly illuminates and opens up the room. A classic beauty with subtle stitching, the Mickleton range brings an all-important lightness to any bedroom.

with a Hint of Colour: By introducing hushed colourways you can really make existing themes sing without overwhelming the room. Featuring white linens framed by broad borders and intricate lace stitching, both our Avebury and Hatherley designs are available in three soft-tone shades.

for Pattern Lovers: Pattern lovers can benefit from choosing muted prints in powdery, soft palettes. Evoking notions of ocean waves, blue patterns carry a wonderful feeling of serenity. For a more laundered look, gentle stripes, such as Broadwell, carry a peaceful aesthetic that’s perfect for floating off.

There is nothing worse than receiving the wrong size, so it’s worth double-checking your existing duvet measurements. A handy tip if you’re cohabiting with a serial duvet hogger is to choose a size up!

What size is a single duvet cover? 135 x 200cm (53 x 79") UK
What size is a double duvet cover? 200 x 200cm (79 x 79") UK
What size is a king size duvet cover? 225 x 220cm (89 x 87") UK
What size is a superking duvet cover? 260 x 220cm (102 x 87") UK