All our products are crafted using great care and attention, using the skills of craftsmen, producing pieces of furniture that will bring pleasure for years to come. Some of our oak furniture is made from European oak which is somewhat darker and livelier in its structure than other oaks. A well maintained oiled or soap treated surface gives very good protection against different stains, while reinforcing the natural feeling of wood.

We now offer furniture wax to protect and restore the beauty of your furniture.

Characteristics of wood

  • Your furniture will benefit from a limited amount of maintenance to keep it in prime condition. If it is not done, the wood may become dry and lose its deep colour.
  • Wood changes shape due to variations in humidity and temperature. These cause the wood to swell or shrink, and therefore some unevenness and small cracks may occur.
  • Knots are completely natural and are not considered to be a defect - Sapwood in oak (light streaks or areas which are the part of the tree which transports nutrients) is also completely natural and is not considered to be a defect.
  • Regardless if the wooden furniture is oiled, soap treated or lacquered, it can become scratched if treated carelessly and caution must be taken regarding grime, grease and liquids. The advantage of oiled or soap-treated wooden furniture is that it can quite easily be restored to its original condition.
  • Use only special furniture oil for oak.
  • Solid wood products delivered without treatment are very sensitive to the changes of relative humidity. Transported and warehoused products may have variations of board pieces up to 1-6mm.

General Care and Information

  • Avoid exposing the wooden furniture to excessive heat (for example a radiator) or direct sunlight as this can cause cracking and deterioration of the colour.
  • Wooden furniture must always be protected from warm objects, strong cleaning agents and water. Strongly coloured liquids such as coffee, tea or red wine should be wiped up immediately.
  • Any spills should be wiped up immediately with a damp cloth. Never put hot dishes directly onto wooden surfaces.
  • We recommend you use felt backed table mats - Wooden furniture should be used indoors, unless the furniture is specifically intended by the manufacturer for outdoor use.
  • Take care when moving furniture and never drag the pieces across the floor as this will cause damage to the joints.
  • As the furniture is new and has been closed since manufacturing, we recommend to leave drawers empty and open for 24 hours to allow the oil to dry completely and the residual odour from the oil to dissipate.
  • Depending on how much wear the furniture is exposed to the whole piece or especially extra exposed spots should be oiled frequently. That way your furniture will always have adequate protection. However, if the surface of your table feels dry when you unpack it, you should oil the table before using it.
  • Wooden furniture which has been marked or indented can in some cases be repaired if the furniture is solid wood and oiled or soap-treated by putting hot water on the damaged spot until the wood fibres raise up. This can also be achieved by placing the tip of a hot iron on a damp cotton cloth and pressing over the spot. Let the spot dry and then sand with fine grained sandpaper. However veneered or lacquered furniture cannot be repaired in this manner.

Lacquer Furniture Car

This is a clear, durable finish that protects the wood while allowing the natural colour and grain to show through. During the first weeks after delivery, take extra care with your furniture as the lacquer surface may still be hardening. Thereafter, the finish is very low maintenance and stain resistant. It can be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth. Severe damage to the surface can be addressed with expert advice.

Wax Furniture Care

It is one of the most traditional means of protecting and enhancing the surface of wooden furniture. You should re-wax your furniture once every six months or when it appears dry. Application of wax will refresh your furniture so that is assumes a rich colour and a smooth surface. However, spillages should always be cleaned up as soon as possible. Any good furniture wax can be used – please follow instructions carefully and pay particular regard to safety. Marks and scratches can be removed using very fine steel wool or sandpaper, gently working with the grain, followed by re-waxing (this may produce a temporary colour difference).

Leather Care

NOTE: for dining chairs we recommend removing the seat when oiling to avoid staining the fabric.

If you protect the leather against too much heat, very dry air, direct sunlight and chemicals, the soft leather will be a source of comfort for years.

Regular dusting with a soft cloth and vacuum cleaning are all that is normally necessary. However should the surface be noticeably soiled then the surface should be cleaned.

Do not attempt to feed the leather with saddle soap or use wax soap and never use spray or hide polishes that can cause deterioration and create an unpleasant sticky surface.

Care instructions for oiled wood surfaces

We recommend that oiled surfaces be treated with wax oil before use and periodically as needed. This is especially in regard to the top surface, in order to maintain the surface’s resistance against liquids, stains, and scratches. Use drying wax oil from a furniture retailer.

  • Lightly sand the surface along the wood fibres with a fine grained sandpaper (400 grit)
  • Apply oil evenly. Sand the oiled surface again
  • Wipe up the excess oil after 30-60 minutes
  • Let dry for approximately 24 hours

Caution; due to the risk of spontaneous combustion, the oiled cloth should be burned or thoroughly soaked in water after use.

Be aware that excess oil on newly purchased furniture of on furniture recently treated at home can leave stains on textiles such as; table clothes sheets, wall paper etc. carefully inspect the furniture before using and wipe up all possible excess oil.

Daily care

Clear lacquered, soap treated and oiled wooden surfaces. Wipe off surface with a damp cloth, using only water or mild soap and water solution. Finally, wipe off with a dry cloth

You may also want to read the wood information page, or the pine and oak furniture comparisons page. There are many different styles that The Cotswold Company stocks including; Contemporary Light Oak, Natural Oak, pine furniture, and Oakland Rustic Oak.