Pine Solutions: about
the move

1. I love PineSolutions – why are you closing it?

Don’t worry, PineSolutions is not closing! We’re simply changing the name we trade under. Running two furniture websites is much like running two furniture retail stores side by side; it makes much more sense to pool our resources and focus on one bigger store with one name and even more lovely products to offer our customers.

2. I have an order with PineSolutions – what happens to it?

You order will of course be delivered as promised. All the details from the order remain the same, you can still track the order online by logging in to the Cotswold Company website; the service will be exactly the same as normal.

3. But I love PineSolutions furniture – will I still be able to get it?

Absolutely! Under The Cotswold Company you get all the same great ranges, at the same prices but we can also offer you even more choice... more ranges, more accessories, a range of sofas, a place to see the furniture in person via our retail stores and also a great finance offering. If you want some help understanding how to find your PineSolutions ranges on The Cotswold Co website just type in the name of the range you love into the Cotswold Company search bar

4. I have PineSolutions furniture – what if I have a problem with it?

Your purchasing rights are not affected, and you have the same level of protection. You brought furniture with us, and we will honour your legal rights accordingly. For a full list of our terms and conditions see here.

As The Cotswold Company we will deliver the same service promised under the PineSolutions name.

5. Who are The Cotswold Company?

The Cotswold Company are the sister company to PineSolutions, they’ve been around for over 20 years selling classic country furniture inspired by the Cotswolds. PineSolutions and The Cotswold Company have been running side by side for many years, sharing some of the same product portfolio, customer services and distribution teams, so all of the great products you know and love from PineSolutions and the great service are available from The Cotswold Company too!

6. Why are we switching brands?

Over the years the Pine Solutions product portfolio has developed way beyond pine furniture, so you can appreciate that trading under the name ‘PineSolutions’ can be a little bit confusing to customers looking to buy oak and painted furniture! That’s why we teamed up with The Cotswold Company. A brand known for its classic rural furniture and design that captures all of the portfolio we’d been longing to offer. Through The Cotswold Company PineSolutions managed to broaden the range of furniture we offered our customers, but we were still tied to a name that was synonymous with pine, which has its limitations!

As you can imagine, running two different companies and two online stores can have its challenges, so we’ve decided, after much deliberation, to focus all of our efforts on The Cotswold Company and give it the undivided attention it deserves.

7. Is the decision anything to do with the health of the company?

PineSolutions and The Cotswold Company have both been trading successfully side by side for many years and could continue to do so, however, we have big plans for The Cotswold Company and more scope for growth under The Cotswold Company name, so it made sense for us to pool our resources and focus on one common goal.

8. Are the prices the same?

Yes we have always maintained the same great prices across both sites and that will continue to do so.

9. Are the products the same?

The products are exactly the same, just under a slightly different name. To find your PineSolutions ranges on The Cotswold Co website just type in the name of the range you love into the Cotswold Company search bar

10. I have been on the Cotswold Company website, none of the range names are the same!

If you know the name of the range you love simply type it or the product code into the search bar on the Cotswold Company website and we will find the correct range for you!

11. Why are the range names different?

To make it easier for our staff to differentiate between the two companies we made the decision to name the products differently, but they are the same great products, made by the same great people at the same prices.

12. Will I still get my PineSolutions catalogue?

No, but you will receive a new Cotswold Company catalogue shortly. They are often similar, so if you looked forward to receiving the next PineSolutions catalogue you will love the Cotswold Company one.

13. Will I still receive PineSolutions emails?

No, but you will begin to receive Cotswold Company emails shortly. The emails are created by the same team and show off the same great products, so if you looked forward to receiving the PineSolutions emails you will love The Cotswold Company ones.

14. What if I don’t want to receive The Cotswold Company emails or catalogues

If you wish to unsubscribe before we switch, please do so following the normal processes and we won’t migrate your details across. If the switch has already occurred, please follow the unsubscribe process by clicking the link at the bottom of every email or returning a catalogue to the address printed on the back and you won’t be contacted by us again – though please allow us a little time to update our databases.

15. Where can I get a Cotswold Company catalogue?

If you receive a PineSolutions catalogue already you will automatically receive a Cotswold Company catalogue when we send our next one. You can also sign up for one here

16. Will you still treat my data the same?

Full details of how we protect your details are available here. The switch has been done internally by The Cotswold Company staff, so there is no need to worry.

17. I still have some questions, how can I talk to someone?

You can reach us by phone on 0333 200 1725 or send us an email with your questions at